Friday, May 26, 2017
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Sheetrock - Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato, San Anselmo,
San Rafael, Sonoma County, Marin County and San Francisco


Brian Laczko, Architect

Mario is absolutely the best and a great finisher.  Whether recommending to fellow architects and designers or working with clients and contractors, I'm proud to use Mario's outstanding work as an example in order to obtain business.  Mario is easy to communicate with, easy to work with, and extremely prompt.  His follow-through is superb.  His work is stunning especially when he does his expert old-world finishes.  One of my projects was particularly difficult and challenging, but Mario was able to float the area and did a perfect job.  He's always within the agreed budget and never conjures up more work to do just to inflate the cost. 

Guy Modica, General Contractor

Mario is fantastic.  I've been with Mario for two years.  In this business you usually don't get to stick with a drywaller very long because they often let you down and their work is subpar.  It's a very well-known fact that drywallers are only as good as their crews.  Mario and his crew are excellent, hard working, and use outstanding practices.  Mario is great with my clients, extremely clean, and never leaves a mess.  He's truly a joy to work with and we have lots of fun when we go out in search of the best steak in the town we're working in!

Kevin Slagle, General Contractor

Mario is my best subcontractor.  I assure prospective clients that I have an incredible drywall subcontractor, as I know his work will always be great.  He's very dependable, professional, and thorough.  Mario does an exceptional five-level finish.  He's quick and exceptionally clean.  He does primer paint and always leaves the property ready for the next phase with no additional preparatory work required.  Mario is a talented drywall subcontractor, an artisan of old-world style.

Nathan Foran, Homeowner

Mario drywalled my entire house and garage, encompassing more than 3000 square feet.  He was prepared with all the equipment and manpower needed to perform the job efficiently and quickly.  Mario was flexible, friendly, and easy to work with.  His quality of work was obviously very important to him because it was reflected in the end result.  He presented me with alternatives for the finish work, and I decided on a product he recommended, a special spray finish that also served as a primer and proved to be very cost effective.  His cleanup was great and he left the job very neat.  I referred him to a friend of mine who also was extremely happy with Mario's work.

John Page, General Contractor

Mario has performed several jobs for me.  Many of them are high-end jobs as well as small jobs.  He does excellent and professional work.  Mario is very prompt to arrive, always shows up, and keeps to a schedule.  He completes all of my jobs in a very timely manner.  Mario does great work and is competitively priced.

Frederick Norgard, General Contractor

I have always been very happy with Mario's work.  He's dependable, on time, and on budget.  Mario is able to do very difficult jobs with plaster and drywall, and he demonstrates a plethora of skills.

Tim Saavedra, Homeowner

Damage was caused to my walls when I moved into my new house, and I requested Mario to do the repairs.  Mario did a good job and completed the job on time.  I also had him texture the garage and he did an excellent job.  In both instances, he was very conscientous of not making a mess and entirely covered the areas to protect them as he worked.  He was a perfect gentleman and a man of his word.  He did exactly what I requested him to do, and I highly recommend him to my friends and colleagues. 

Tim White, Homeowner

Mario did a big drywall renovation for me in a three-story building that was in excess of 4000 square feet.  He also did the garage.  He explained clearly and in detail the work that would be performed.  Mario was on time and completed the work as I requested.  He applied a smooth texture, which included the ceilings.  It was a very tricky job, but his results were outstanding.  I'd recommend Mario to any other contractor or friend because he's easy to work with, flexible, and responsive to any changes requested midstream.

Natal Modica, General Contractor

I primarily do remodeling projects.  Whether it's a small, medium, or large job, Mario consistently performs a high-end completion.  He's remarkably clean, timely, and very detailed.  I highly recommend him to any of my peers or friends.

David Levitt, Homeowner

I was referred to Mario by a neighbor who was very happy with his work.  During the course of work on my home, I hired several contractors, including Mario.  He proved to be the best contractor that I worked with during that process.  He started on time and finished on time.  I highly recommend him because he did a terrific job!

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Sheetrock serving Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato, San Anselmo,
San Rafael, Sonoma County, Marin County, and San Francisco